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    Nano-Atomization Diffuser FAQ

    Nano-Atomization Diffuser FAQ

    Can I use any fragrance oils?

    Yes, you can! Our diffuser is designed to work with all fragrances and essential oils.

    Many of our customers are using this purely as a humidifier as well.

    Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we do! We offer standard free shipping or priority processing options around the world. Just checkout with your address, and you will see the options.

    How can I pay?

    We support all credit cards + PayPal. You can select your preferred method once you put in your address and pick your shipping method.

    Does this require a battery?

    Our product comes with a universal USB wire. This is so that the product can be used in many different places. To ensure constant voltage, the USB wire must be plugged in to stay operational.

    Can I turn off the lights?

    We have many modes with our 7 colored LED. It can be turned completely off, with a single color, or with a rainbow color.

    How long does the water last?

    Each container of water lasts around 10-12 hours. Our diffuser also has an auto-shutoff feature and a 4/6hrs timer feature.

    Is it easy to clean?

    Our diffuser is made to be disassembled easily. Just add warm water + a little soap, stir for 20 seconds and wipe with a towel.

    Is this animal safe?

    Yes, we suggest adding 2 drops of oil/fragrances into the water to dilute the product. It's important to use high-quality/organic oil to use with animals.

    I have hay fever/sleep/allergy problems. Can this help?

    We've heard from many of our customers that this humidifier has helped with many sinus issues. Having correctly humidified air is very therapeutic and reduces dust and allergens in the air. Some of our customers also use lavender oil to help with relaxation and to stay calm. Please always consult with a doctor.